Help. Crew.


Volunteers are a vital part of Eastport a Rockin'. In addition to the good feeling you get from helping raise money for some really important charities, you receive free admission, a super-cool one of a kind t-shirt, $10 in food and drink tickets and more. Volunteers who work the last shift will receive a $10 gift card to a local restaurant. We can also provide paperwork for high school schoolers and others who need volunteer hours. And most importantly, you get to have FUN! If you are interested in joining our crew, please click on the link below and sign up for a slot!

All volunteers receive free admission to the festival. But what happens if you are volunteering at a later shift and want to hang out earlier? We've got you covered. Buy your ticket - online in advance or at the gate, hang out from whenever you arrive until your shift time, and we will refund your ticket price when you check in for your volunteer shift.  And you still get the special t-shirt, food vouchers and more. This is only for the 2pm and later shifts and you have to show up for your shift - no having too much fun and forgetting about it 🙂 - we rely on our volunteers to make Eastport a Rockin' a success for everyone! So sign up now, while the getting is good!